IMG_3315.JPGWith new year around the corner, everyone’s thinking about the resolutions which must be kept in mind before getting started with the challenges and triumphs this year has to bring with itself. This year has been a havoc for me. At the end of this year, I am at the verge of breakup from a parasitic relationship. Even though it’s no longer upsetting for me, it still bothers my dad a lot, he wanted me to settle down. But the thing is that, with what the issues going on for a year now, cutting myself free from this relationship is going to give me wings. All my partner could give me was a year of fake promises in 2 years of our relationship, it was a long distance case, so he wouldn’t even bother calling me or sending me a picture. If truth be told, I haven’t seen him for more than 2 years now and all he was doing to me was just stopping me from being myself. There was no “US” in that relationship, it was just him and his job, home, boss, friends and what not. I was never a part of his life, let alone his family. I am thankful, that before the beginning of the new year, I have realized where I stand and what I want from a relationship. I know, that just telling me that you’re there, won’t do, you’ll have to prove it. I’ve learnt that in the coming year I won’t let a guy make me feel like a worthless piece of shit. I have understood how to say no. I will, for the first time, try to think of a future on my own, being myself, without having to fulfill anyone’s expectations, I will think of myself. I will make decisions  not being someone’s something, but being Someone for myself. For 2017, I refuse to be owned or recognized by a relationship, I will take my ownership. I don’t need a man to tell me how beautiful I look, not because he never did it for me in our 2 years, but because I realize, that no one’s approval is required.

This year I break myself free.


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