It will be worth it.

via Daily Prompt: Quicken

He touhed her hand softly. It was after a good 3 years she let someone come this close. But he’d earned that. The pace of her heart quickened at his touch and she was scared. She didn’t want it to go in a damaging direction. He stopped at it and she was convinced that he was what he seemed like. She stopped for a second to enjoy the excitement of the moment but realized that every part of her being was laced with fear. She was very very scared. She was not ready. She did not know when she’d ever be ready. He was nice, intelligent and a true gentleman but that is what her ex seemed like. He reminded her of him, not in his negatives but in his positives. It was never a part of her plan to breakup with him but he turned savage, he literally plotted a scheme to frame her as a slut and recovery from that was more than difficult. This guy was more than understanding, he even knew what her ex had done and was very clear on what he needed, her companionship. This really made her respect him, but the scars from her past made her push away every one. This was the reason she’d never let anyone come this close. Even though it did hurt her to see every guy who approached her get far but she was never ready to risk it. He convinced her it would be worth it and today after 40 years of being together, when she saw him crying over her dead body, she felt thankful for the risk she’d taken with her life because he gave her all the love she was told she deserved.


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